Live from Hazelfern!

Wine is best paired with great food and loud music!

In collaboration with Banana Stand Media and some amazingly talented northwest artists, we're bringing a new live music content series to the Hazelfern wine barn.


Moorea Masa – “I Can't Tell”

NOVEMBER 21, 2017

We had an amazing time hanging out with the team from Banana Stand Media while shooting this incredible performance from Moorea Masa! We all shared some bottles of wine and sat back while Moorea awed us with her incredible vocal talents!

Be sure to check out the great work that Banana Stand Media is doing to support local artists, and definitely head out to see Moorea Masa live as soon as possible.


“I Can’t Tell” was performed by Moorea Masa and was recorded October 1st, 2017 at Hazelfern Cellars in Chehalem (sha-hay-lem) Mountains of Oregon. The video was shot and edited by Darren Hartman. Audio for this video was recorded and mixed by Matthew Thomson. Photography was taken by Dan Ostergren. Find out more about Banana Stand Media here


Live from Hazelfern - Behind the Scenes

It takes a crew of incredibly talented friends from Banana Stand Media to record and film, "Live From Hazelfern!" We're fortunate to have the amazing Dan Ostergren on hand to capture the behind the scenes work: